Dictionary of the Russian Revolution


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This volume focuses on the events, personalities, organizations, and theory of the Russian Revolution. . . . There is excellent coverage of the myriad committees, parties, interest groups, and other organizations that had a role in shaping the events of the period. Perhaps the most appealing element of the work, however, is the very substantial coverage of broad topics. Reference Books BulletinDictionary of the Russian Revolution is designed to fill a gap in the reference literature by providing detailed, comprehensive information about the myriad institutions, events, and personalities that appeared, influenced, or were affected by the course of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Although many histories offer excellent accounts of the course of events, students and researchers often want to know more about specific aspects than such works are intended to furnish. The present work contains some 300 entries covering seven general categories in depth: social forces; political parties; prominent individuals; institutions, groups, and associations; significant events in the revolutionary calendar; consideration of the revolution by area, region, and/or nationality group; and other major themes or topics. For each, the volume breaks new ground by drawing together the insights and scholarship of a new generation of professionals interested in the social, economic, institutional, and cultural dimensions of the revolution.The dictionary is composed of two types of entries: some 100 major articles treating particularly significant issues, and 200 shorter entries. Each of the major articles is written by a prominent scholar in the field and includes a brief English and Russian or other foreign language bibliography of the most important literature and sources for further study. The primary focus of the volume is the events of 1917 and their multifaceted effects. Entries covering the most salient themes of the last years of the old regime and the first steps of the new Soviet power are also included to provide further insight into the revolution itself. Invaluable as an authoritative, up-to-date research and reference tool for Russian history scholars, the dictionary will also be indispensable for students of Russian politics, radicalism, and modern history.


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