Family Happiness and Other Stories


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Although best known for War and Peace and Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy did not confine his literary talents to voluminous works. He was also a master of the short story and the long story — the particularly Russian form known as povest’. Each of the tales in this collection exhibits the rich detail, vivid narration, and startling truths that characterize Tolstoy’s famous novels.Two unusual, intriguing short stores — ”e;Three Deaths”e; and ”e;The Three Hermits”e; — appear here, along with four powerful long stories: ”e;Family Happiness,”e; ”e;The Devil,”e; ”e;Father Sergius,”e; and ”e;Master and Man.”e; ”e;Family Happiness,”e; the first story in this compilation, features a Tolstoyan theme that recurs both here and elsewhere in the author’s writings: ”e;The only certain happiness in life is to live for others.”e; Written over a period of 40 years or more, these works display the author’s evolving perspectives on love, marriage, art, politics, and patriotism. They offer an eclectic introduction to the great Russian writer’s fiction as well as a feast for those already acquainted with the pleasures of reading Tolstoy.


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