Fighting Fibres


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This book brings together artists, curators, researchers and conservators to consider the significance of coconut fiber armor from the islands of Kiribati. Taking as its focus the armor found in museum collections, it investigates the historical context that led to these unique artifacts leaving the Pacific and entering the orbit of British collectors and institutions, as well the legacies of those practices in the present. As well as exploring the historical milieux surrounding its collection, the book includes essays from expert conservators that discuss the challenges of caring for coconut fiber armor. Other contributions include case studies focusing on the construction and variety of the armor and helmets, and the findings of a comprehensive survey which has tracked down and documented every piece of Kiribati armor held in UK museum collections. Finally, the book considers the significance of coconut fiber armor in the present, with particular reference to the work of a group of I-Kiribati artists whose creativity and innovative research has led to the production of a contemporary suit of armor inspired by the armor of the past.


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