Gto: Fourteen Days In Shonan Vol. 2


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Eikichi Onizuka, former biker turned great teacher, is back home in the Tokyo suburbs for a well deserved break (…and to escape possible discipline from his employers at the Tokyo Kissho Academy). But once he arrives he quickly finds himself assisting a new child protection home as they try to guide troubled teens back to the path of happiness. Unfortunately for the GTO he has run into a buzzsaw in the form of Miki Katsuragi. Miki is determined to rid her home, the White Swan, of nosy know-nothing adults, and has the financial and political capital to not only have the teacher reconsider his lesson-plan but probably send off the straight and narrow entirely.
Then again, who said Onizuka was ever on that path to begin with…The Oni-Baku rides again and manga will be all the better for it.


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