¡hombre Mosca Contra El Matamoscas! (Fly Guy vs. the Flyswatter!), Volume 10


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A hilarious new Fly Guy adventure — when Fly Guy joins Buzz’s class on a trip to a flyswatter factory, it’s the best field trip ever
When Fly Guy goes to school with Buzz, they learn that his class is taking a field trip to a flyswatter factory BAD NEWZZ Fly Guy tries to hide in Buzz’s pocket, but when the tour guide starts insulting flies, Buzz cannot help but stick his head out. A robotic flyswatter named the Super Swatter detects Fly Guy, and Fly Guy causes a hilarious ruckus in his efforts to escape. At the end of this zany adventure, the flyswatter factory announces an end to its factory tours and the students use their free flyswatters as art to celebrate the best field trip ever Al llegar a la escuela, Buzz y Hombre Mosca descubren que ir n de excursi n a una f brica de matamoscas. Saldr bien parado Hombre Mosca de semejante aventura? Un libro que los har re r.


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