Prefecture D


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A collection of four novellas: each taking place in 1998, each set in the world of Six Four, and each centring around a mystery and the unfortunate officer tasked with solving it.SEASON OF SHADOWS’The force could lose face . . . I want you to fix this.’ Personnel’s Futawatari receives a horrifying memo forcing him to investigate the behaviour of a legendary detective with unfinished business.CRY OF THE EARTH’It’s too easy to kill a man with a rumour.’ Shinto of Internal Affairs receives an anonymous tipoff alleging a Station Chief is visiting the red-light district — a warning he soon learns is a red herring.BLACK LINES’It was supposed to be her special day.’ Section Chief Nanao, responsible for the force’s 49 female officers, is alarmed to learn her star pupil has not reported for duty, and is believed to be missing.BRIEFCASE’We need to know what he’s going to ask.’ On the eve of a routine debate, Political Liaison Tsuge learns a wronged politician is preparing his revenge. He must now quickly dig up dirt to silence him.Prefecture D continues Hideo Yokoyama’s exploration of the themes of obsession, saving face, office politics and inter-departmental conflicts. Placing everyday characters between a rock and a hard place and then dialling up the pressure, he blends and balances the very Japanese with the very accessible, to spectacular effect.


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