Qualitative Inquiry Through a Critical Lens


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This volume highlights work being done in qualitative inquiry through a variety of critical lenses such as new materialism, queer theory, and narrative inquiry. Contributors ranging from seasoned academics to emerging scholars attend to questions of ontology and epistemology, providing, in the process, insights that any qualitative researcher interested in the state of the field would find of value. The authors:re-think taken-for-granted paradigms, frameworks, methodologies, ethics, and politics;demonstrate major shifts in qualitative inquiry, and point readers in new and exciting directions;advocate for a critical qualitative inquiry that addresses social justice, decolonization, and the politics of research;present plenary addresses and other key original papers from the 2015 International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry.This title is sponsored by the International Association of Qualitative Inquiry, a major new international organization which sponsors an annual Congress.


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