Self-Employment as Precarious Work


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Since the 1970s the long term decline in self-employment has slowed – and even reversed in some countries – and the prospect of `being your own boss’ is increasingly topical in the discourse of both the general public and within academia. Traditionally, self-employment has been associated with independent entrepreneurship, but increasingly it is linked to being a form of precarious work. This book utilises evidence-based information to address both the current and future challenges of this trend as the nature of self-employment changes, as well as to demonstrate where, when and why self-employment has emerged as precarious work in Europe.Bringing together leading international experts in the field, this book provides insight into key issues surrounding self-employment from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. Covering existing theory and context, providing empirical results of studies into self-employment and precarious work from across Europe, and discussion of the implications of this research, it offers key insights into future avenues for research.Students of European studies and social policy, as well as policy makers and researchers with a particular interest in employment, self-employment and precarious work across Europe, will find the data and policy ideas presented in this book an invaluable read.


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