South African Foreign Policy


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This book considers the identity, direction, and intentions embodied in post-apartheid South African Foreign Policy. It aims to deepen the understanding of this evolving post-apartheid foreign policy through an exploration of the nature and trajectory of key bilateral relationships from both the global `South’ (Brazil, China, Iran, the AU) and `North’ (Japan and the UK). This window on the country’s international relations enriches understanding of the normative and structural factors that influence not only South African foreign policy, but also those of the `emerging middle powers’ as they seek to position themselves as influential actors in international affairs. By sketching the contours of key South African relationships, the contributors offer illuminating insights into the cross-pressures shaping South African foreign policy. In addition, they also add depth to the emerging middle power concept by exploring four areas where the tendencies and tensions of emerging middle power foreign policies are apparent: regionalism, multilateralism, reform of global governance, and approach to moral leadership. This book was previously published as a special issue of Commonwealth & Comparative Politics.


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