Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing


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This is the digital version of hte printed book (Copyright 1997). Software testers require technical and political skills to survive what can often be a lose-lose relationship with developers and managers. Whether testing is your specialty or your stepping stone to a career as a developer, theres no better way to survive the pressures put on testers than to meet the ten challenges described in this practical handbook. This book goes beyond the technical skills required for effective testing to address the political realities that cant be solved by technical knowledge alone. Communication and negotiation skills must be in every testers tool kit. Authors Perry and Rice compile a ”e;top ten”e; list of the challenges faced by testers and offer tactics for success. They combine their years of experience in developing testing processes, writing books and newsletters on testing, and teaching seminars on how to test. The challenges are addressed in light of the way testing fits into the context of software development and how testers can maximize their relationships with managers, developers, and customers. In fact, anyone who works with software testers should read this book for insight into the unique pressures put on this part of the software development process. ”e;Somewhere between the agony of rushed deadlines and the luxury of all the time in the world has got to be a reasonable approach to testing.”e;from Chapter 8 The Top Ten People Challenges Facing Testers Challenge #10: Getting Trained in TestingChallenge #9: Building Relationships with DevelopersChallenge #8: Testing Without ToolsChallenge #7: Explaining Testing to ManagersChallenge #6: Communicating with CustomersAnd UsersChallenge #5: Making Time for TestingChallenge #4: Testing Whats Thrown Over the WallChallenge #3: Hitting a Moving TargetChallenge #2: Fighting a Lose-Lose SituationChallenge #1: Having to Say No


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