When Will the Dead Lady Sing


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Strike one is waking up to find a buffalo munching on her rose bushes. Strike two is walking outside to confront the beast, only to find out that it is owned is a past lover, Burlin Bullock, a man she never thought she’ d see again. Strike three is the dead body that turns up shortly thereafter… When MacLaren’s old college boyfriend comes to town on the heels of his son’ s political campaign, Mac is ready to scram out of Hopemore faster than the family’s gubernatorial buffalo mascot. But when a homeless Bullock campaign supporter winds up dead in this small southern town, MacLaren and her ex-boyfriend are suddenly thrust onto center stage together, and for all the wrong reasons. With the campaign trail gaining heat and Burlin Bullock’s presence kicking up long-settled memories from her past, Mac must solve her way out of a scandal that threatens not only her marriage, but also her life… ’Patricia Sprinkle takes the reader on a trip to the ’real’ South, the South of family traditions, community customs, church-going, and craft, down-home politics. Reading it is like spending an afternoon in the porch swing on Aunt Dixie’ s veranda. Fun and family values triumph in a delightful book.’- JoAnna Carl, author of The Chocolate Frog Frame-Up ’Sprinkle has a gift for developing a full, rich world.’ -Publisher’s Weekly ’Sprinkle entertains and enchants her readers. Her characters are so real you’ ll find yourself believing you grew up with them.’ -Christian Retailing ’Sprinkle has a real eye for regional culture and traditions. . . . She tackles weighty subject matter with a steady hand and a reassuring touch.’-Atlanta Journal Constitution


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